Political Risk Analysis

jquery-7As the “Arab Spring” transforms into the “Arab Awakening,” bringing relative uncertainty to the Middle East, many global companies find themselves eager for information about the current state of political and economic affairs in the region. These companies are searching for knowledge, expertise and advice about the rapidly changing events on the ground and the future outlook for business development.

As an internationally recognized expert in Middle East and North Africa affairs, Randa Fahmy utilizes her 25 years of professional experience, including service in the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. Government, to provide superior advice and counsel to her clients. Ms. Fahmy builds upon her legal and public policy skills to assist global companies interested in accessing Middle East and North Africa markets.

Ms. Fahmy will provide a comprehensive briefing on the political, security and economic situation in the Middle East and North Africa. Randa will present a country-by-country analysis of the most volatile region in the world by examining and assessing the seven risk factors, which indicate the likelihood of civil and political unrest. In addition, she will provide real-time, highly specialized intelligence information geared towards business interests in the region. Randa will also focus on the business environment pre and post unrest, and provide a sector-by-sector analysis of the risks inherent in the marketplace today.

Ms. Fahmy will assess each country in the region utilizing the following 7 risk factors:

  • Political Leadership: dictator vs. monarchy vs. future leadership
  • Economic divisions in class structure
  • Role of the military – who controls
  • Who “really” is in charge of the country
  • Youth population – risk factors
  • Role of state controlled press/new media and access to it
  • Corruption index – in the eyes of the people